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CoffeeRed is since 2013, the first company to offer dried and extracts from coffee fruit in Europe. We work with totally natural and patented processes in which the peel and the pulp of the coffee fruit is preserved and can be used as an ingredient in the food and cosmetic sector. The main asset of the product obtained is the extremely high amount of antioxidants that is observed; According to independent tests performed at Brunswick laboratories, it is the most potent antioxidant found in nature.

Our innovative new use of coffee’s so called “waste”, has, beyond its healthy characteristics, two major benefits:

- To the environment: The peel and the pulp represent around 55% of the total coffee fruit. With current practices this product is massively disposed in the environment, something than can cause harm to the coffee land as it would leak acidity. We propose to reuse it instead of throwing it.

- To the people: Thanks to this new practice, coffee producers will be able to get income from different markets and sectors, which will liberate them from the traditional stock based coffee markets that can damage their economy and wellbeing of their family depending on market demand or speculation.

Please contact us if you have any further questions, and join in the Coffee Redvolution!

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